Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WE have our curtains at last!!

Woot woot~ the curtains are ready and they will be installed today! Yeah heyy~
I hope those curtains-guy come on time so that they could finish the installation in an hour - I don't want to be late to work.

OK, to  see the difference before and after the curtains being installed, I took some pictures of the 'naked' living room.

Our living room without curtains

Naked sliding doors without any 'clothes' on :P
Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~
After the curtains installation.

Haha. I never imagined the fabric we've chosen will look like this.

Sliding door is not naked anymore

Eyelet. Exactly what we want for the sliding door curtains.

Oh by the way, all the curtains have been installed - even though we have not pay the outstanding balance :P.

Err, we really really really don't have enuff cash to pay the remaining balance lump-sum, so we paid half of it and told the curtain-girl that is ok to install curtains for living room and kitchen ONLY - since those 2 rooms are accessible to the guests (who are coming for this Raya Haji). Hohoho. My parents want to celebrate Raya Haji here.

Curtains - kautim!


  1. nape ade meja merah kecik tu? jengjengjeng...ok je curtain tu...

  2. meja merah tu coffee table @ tempat makan sambil tengok tv. bawah tu ada krusi mamot 2ketuls - sorang satu punya :P

    huhu, terpaksalah aku pun OK kan jugak curtain tu sebab bende dah jadi. nak sangat kain langsir blackout ha amik langsir jadi kejong (@_@)


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